$20/Hourly Based | $50 Min.

I’m a Graphic Designer/Artist with over 3 years of experience. I'm in search for new creative endeavors – as an ambitious professional with a passion for design I’m confident I will be an asset to work with!

Business Card Design  ▸Flyer Design  ▸Poster Design  ▸Drawing  ▸Social Media Marketing ▸Print Design ▸Print Layout Design  ▸Microsoft ▸Photo Retouching  

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Athens, Georgia, United States

$30/Hourly Based | $50 Min.

I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. I have done projects for Michael Bay, MTV, Metallica, Disney, Lockheed, and many others. Whether you are just starting to build your own business, or a large corporation, I can help. If you need a logo, video, tradeshow graphics, or anything else that you want to accurately reflect your brand or portray a message, please let me put my skills to work...

Laser Engraving ▸Poster Design  ▸Print Design ▸Digital Art ▸Banner Ads  ▸Graphic Design ▸Video Editing ▸Business Card Design  ▸Stationery Design  

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Show Low, Arizona, United States

$15/Hourly Based | $500 Min.

It might seem strange that I get excited thinking about colors, typography and cascading style sheets, but my passion for all aspects of graphic design has remained strong throughout my 12-year career. My background includes corporate, agency and freelance graphic design experience, with a history of leading print, interactive and digital design projects to acclaimed completion. I have worked...

Adobe Dreamweaver  ▸Adobe InDesign  ▸Adobe Illustrator  ▸Adobe Photoshop  

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Boca Raton, Florida, United States

$20/Hourly Based | $50 Min.

I'm a freelance Graphic designer, who specializes in everything especially Posters, InDesign and Logos. I also enjoy taking photos and editing them. I'm a fast worker that enjoys designing in general.

Graphic Design ▸Photo Editing  

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States

$20/Hourly Based | $5000 Min.

I mainly use my abilities for graphic design and illustration, where I use Adobe programs to complete all my various tasks in order to achieve the highest results. I've doing this for four years, as it remains one of my most addicting hobbies throughout my entire lifetime. I'm the type of designer where I won't stop until I feel completely satisfied with a project, even it means taking time...

Microsoft Office  ▸CSS ▸HTML  ▸Adobe Premiere Pro  ▸Adobe InDesign  ▸Adobe Illustrator  ▸Adobe Photoshop  

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Flournoy, California, United States

$50/Hourly Based | $50 Min.

Graphic designer, fine artist, and photographer. Graphic designer, fine artist, and photographer. Graphic designer, fine artist, and photographer. Graphic designer, fine artist, and photographer.

Graphic Design 

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

$25/Hourly Based | $100 Min.

I am a Graphic Designer, Front End Web Developer and UI Designer with over 6 years of industry experience and proficient with most market standard software.

Illustration ▸Web Design ▸Graphic Design 

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

$25/Hourly Based | $100 Min.

I aim to provide a wide range of design services for formats, including print, digital, and web. Clients range from individuals to medium-sized corporations in various industries. I have experience working with Department of Defense contractors and have worked with multiple industry experts to create graphics used in military proposals and whitepapers. Through my freelance business, I offer...

Digital Illustration ▸Adobe Acrobat  ▸Graphic Design ▸Print Design ▸Content Management System ▸Web Design ▸Data Visualization  ▸Adobe Photoshop  ▸Adobe InDesign  

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ApexBlue Creative

Dayton, Ohio, United States

$15/Hourly Based | $100 Min.

I am passionate about writing which has attracted and invited readers to "think out of the box " and disrupt current patterns. I write articles on Mental Health and other social issues such as depression. My experiences and knowledge about people and their reaction to political and social events inspire me. As a result of my excellent writing performances during my last 2 years, I am very...


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A-1 Writing

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

$20/Hourly Based | $50 Min.

I'm multi-talented, experienced in Android Studio, Web using Javascript, PHP, and MySQL, and desktop application development using C# & C++. My main specialty is project management, I excel in a team environment, and I'm a skilled communicator. As always, my first priority when starting a project is to understand and divide the project into small objectives. Finishing the project before the...

Design Thinking ▸Design Research ▸English  ▸English Grammar  ▸MySQL Programming  ▸PHP  ▸C#  ▸Java  

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Scarborough, Ontario, United States