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Aayushi Jethva000

 Flag   Canada   Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada


Website Development Developer Services

Web and Mobile App (iOS | Android) Development 💻
Swift | SwiftUI | Obj-C | React Native | RxSwift | Flutter | Java | Kotlin

I have been working in information technology for 4 years and I am enthusiastic in full-stack development.

💬 FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: Let's talk about technology! 30 minutes video conference session to see if I can help you improve your project and your processes.

✔ Programming Languages: Swift 4+, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python, React Native, RxSwift.
✔ Architectures: MVC, MVVM, MVP, Singleton, Delegate Design Patterns.
✔ API: RESTful, JSON, XML, SOAP Web Services.
✔ Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Core Data, Firestore, Authentication, Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, Could Functions, Analytics, Deep Links, AWS Cloud storage.
✔ Frameworks: AVFoundation, AVKit, UIKit, SwiftUI, UINotification, XCTest, MapKit, MessageUI, ContactsUI, UserNotificationsUI, IOBluetooth, KVC(KVO), Memory Management, Multithreading, Concurrency, Blocks Programming.
✔ iOS Libraries: Moya, Almofire, SwiftyCam, SwiftyJSON, GoogleMaps, Firebase, Firestore, Biometrics & Third-party Authentication, Social Media integration(Google, Twitter, FB, Instagram).
✔ Tools: Xcode 10.2, Git, CocoaPods, Project management by Zoho & Trello, SVN, Jira, Agile Methodologies, TDD (Testing).
✔ WordPress/Bootstrap/CSS/HTML5/Drupal
✔ PHP/React.js/Node.js/Ruby on Rails
✔ UI/UX design
✔ Responsive website development
✔ Agile development approaches

It is important for me to build long-term relationships with clients, so I am primarily looking for long-term projects. I am ready to discuss requirements and communicate with your team via video-chat. Additionally, I can help you create technical and business requirements for the application if you don't fully understand which features you want.

I welcome you to discussing requirements and communicate with your team via video-chat and helping you find success!