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Asadali Govani

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Asadali Govani

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Website Development Developer Services

Meet Mr Asad Ali Govani, the Founder-Director of Codelogist. An MCA graduates and an ardent follower of Internet of Things, Asad founded this pioneering IT firm to connect the existing gaps in IT sector in 2016

Completing his P.G., he realised that though internet has already start taking over the traditional ways of branding, running campaigns, customer relation building, etc., businesses were still not able to utilise the Digital Platform wholly.

Asad comes with a core experience of 4 years, and holds specialization in Mobile & Web App Development, Video & Live Chat with Open Source Technology. Deep insights about the Digital Market, thorough Market Research, hunger to learn and explore more keeps him grounded and grows him more passionate about redefining the Digital World.
Category: Web, Software & IT
Rate: $10/hour

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