Ultrasound Technologist

Jeannette Roma

Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Jeannette Roma

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I'm Jeannette Roma: marketing specialist, and creative writer. A bit about me:

• I studied English and Spanish in college. I'm a native English speaker with more than 5 years of professional writing experience.

• I have worked as a writing tutor, content writer, project manager, and marketing consultant.

• I have more than 10 years of experience in all matters related to online marketing, including SEO web content, creative blog posts, digital advertisements, infographics, email marketing campaigns, eBooks,


Ultrasound Technologist

I'm Jeannette Roma: Ultrasound Technologist

  • Performed general and vascular ultrasounds in a hospital setting.

  • Reviewed the patient's order and gathered all relevant information necessary for the exam.

  • Used highly skilled techniques to provide optimal images to assist in the diagnosis of the patient.

  • Prepared detailed preliminary reports and corresponded findings to the physician.

  • Assisted the radiologist in thoracentesis, paracentesis, and biopsy procedures.

Category: Other
Rate: $50/hour

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