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Qamar Elouri

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Translation Services

I am a very talented individual who has very high self motivation to learn quickly and to improve myself in any field especially HR and translation, as I worked before in many organization as an assistant, HR officer, and as a translator.
My career is full of useful experiences, where I worked with NGOs in management positions.
I have confidence that I am an outstanding candidate for your position and hope that you will contact me soon by telephone or email to arrange an interview. I am sure you will find my portfolio to be an excellent reflection of my skills. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



 excellent communication skills with people on all levels
 Translation English to Arabic and vice versa
 Ability to learn new skills quickly
 Ability to take decisions
High computer and Microsoft office skills


Arabic : Mother Tongue

English : Excellent (Spoken & Written)

Turkish : Very Good



2003-2004 Tawjihi (Al-Shamleh School)

2004-2005 Sight and Sound Center, which included the following:

A full course in secretarial duties:
1- English and Arabic Typing:
 Arabic 53 words per minute
 English 57 words per minute
2- A full (MS Office Computer Course)
3- English and Arabic Correspondence
4- Office Skills and Organizational Behavior
5- Bookkeeping
6- Educational Lectures (Ticketing, Marketing, Law)

Information Technology:
1- Maintenance & Networking
2- Graphics (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash)
3- Programming (Visual Basic, C++, Oracle)

11/ 2007 – 6/2008 Cambridge University / High Diploma program

Cambridge Business Management Diploma
1- Business organization and environment
2- Business Finance
3- Human Resources Management (HRM)

6/June-10/June 2010 NYIT training center

 Events Management Course

4/July – 11/July 2010 NYIT training center

 HR in Modern Management course

Work Experience

2004-2005 Global Artist House

Position: Secretary

 Duties:
 Arrange events
 Handle phone calls
 Ticketing
 Hotel reservations
 Prepare offers
 Arrange meetings
 Financial reports

10/2005-3/2006 Modern Systems Co.

Position: Administrative assistant

 Duties:
 Meetings arrangements
 Accounting
 Prepare payments
 Arrange tenants contracts
 Complex management
 Events arrangements

4/2006-12/2006 Civilian Police International Co.

Position: Office coordinator

*I got promoted in (CPI) to be an administrative assistant of the Procurement Department’s Contracts Manager

 Duties:
 Handle phone calls
 Tracking employees attendance
 Ticketing
 Prepare purchase orders
 Prepare payments and transfers
 Arrange meetings between procurement dep. And vendors
 Follow up on goods supplementary with vendors

1/2007-8/2010 Foundation Open Society Institute

Position: Administrative assistant/Office Manager

 Duties:
 Handle phone calls
 Meetings arrangements
 Banking
 Accounting
 Payments processing
 Recruitment preparations
 Salaries preparations and evaluation
 Specify job descriptions and duties
 Ticketing
 Hotel reservations
 Events arrangements
 Receive proposals and process proposals for Grants
 Enter proposals on systems
 Communication with grantees
 Follow up reporting dates
 Human resources management

11/2010-10/2011 Rotary International

Position: Administrative Officer

 Duties:
 Handle phone calls
 Meetings arrangements
 Accounting
 Payments processing
 Ticketing
 Hotel reservations
 Events arrangements
 Follow up reporting dates
 Communication with Rotarian clubs and members

12/2014 - 2016 Educare Consultancy and training center - Qatar

Positon: Translator

 Translating a British Curriculum about Nurseries, Nutrition, Education, Rearing for kids (Infants, Toddlers and Elders) and the important specifications, rules, details and needs of a high standard Nursery and Kindergarten

2016 – 6/2018 Meem Dictionary app

Position: Translator and Researcher

 Translating Business Administration, Law, Banking, Insurance, Human resources terminologies from English to Arabic, and research about every definition for each terminology from dependent references

2/2019 - 3/2019 Ahlan Simsim – Sesame Street Project – Jordan Pioneers

Position: Translator
 Translating episode scripts from Arabic to English for Sesame Street NY

2018 – Sep/2019 Orient Star Logistics Services

Position: Interpreter / Language Assistant (English to Arabic and vice versa for
Canadian Armed Forces and Jordanian Armed Forces) and Translator
 Translating lessons from English to Arabic of many topics:
- Vulnerable Point Searches
- Vehicle Check points
- Types of Operations
- Tasks and Operations Within a Defensive Operation
- Range Cards
- Principles of Urban Operations
- Perform Section Hasty Attack
- Patrolling
- Observation Posts
- Marksmenship Principles
- March with Map and Compass
- Grid References and Roamer
- Field Hygiene
- Defensive Operations
- Counter IED Threat Drills
- Counter Explosive Threat Drills
- Promote Physical Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle
- Fundamentals of Instruction
- Components of Fitness
- Battle Procedures
- Plan Administration Requirements
- Operate a CSS Command Post Training
- Lead a Section During IED Operations
- First aid


Certificate of appreciation from the Canadian Armed Forces