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Test Automation Developer Top Expert

Mostly working as full stack developer involved in whole develop / test / deploy process, with focus on back-end and overall system design (Database, Architecture, Communication channels, etc... )

My main research and work fields are algorithms and algorithm design with focus on
combinatorial optimization problems such as 3DBPP (3D Bin packing problem) and it's

Technical expertise and related skills:
- Database design / PostgreSQL programming
- System architecture design
- Algorithm design and implementation

- Python / Django
- Typescript / Javascript / AngularJS
- WebGL / GLSL / Three.js

- Test automation
- Docker

- HTML5 / CSS3

As a profession related hobby I enjoy computer graphics / digital art and raytracer / formula-animation coding through GLSL (https://www.shadertoy.com/results?query=Yrai).

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Vladimir Mujagic

Category: Web, Software & IT
Rate: $30/hour