Tax Preparation Services


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Tax Preparation Services

My solid background in the finance has allowed me to hone my considerable skills that can be effectively utilized by the organization. Skillful finance and accounting professional with advanced experience.

Worked 5 years in one of the biggest international audit firms that gave my a solid base, I audited a lot of companies and big groups in several sectors (manufacturing, servicing, trading, contracting, hotels, insurance, real estate and investments companies … etc in addition for zakat and tax returnes). Will bring over 20 years of experience to your organization.

As I worked also as an internal audit manager for 8 years in very reputable companies (real estate and investment) that gave me better deeply understanding for the internal controls and systems and great understanding of the business cycles and accounting procedures and preparation of accounting manuals.

Demonstrated my experience by working as finance manager for another 5 years in developing the company policies and procedures and assist the management in achieving the organization goals.

I attended too many training courses in auditing, taxation, management accounting, computer and ERP applications, visibility studies, project management and evaluation.

Always focused in developing my teamwork, delegating the tasks, authorities.

Can work under pressure and have strengths in planning and reporting and produce periodic results in timely and accurate manner.

I have very advanced skills in ERP systems and Microsoft office application.

I encourage the environment that facilitate t to improve the organization in the best manner. always strive to improve processes and achieving business objectives in efficient manner.

That huge, deep and variety experience in many reputated firms will serve the purpose you are aiming to reach.