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SASSIE Mystery Shopping Services

Over 29 years of experience in Market Research, administration, and Industrial process operations. Exceptional strengths in streamlining work systems and processes across diverse functional regimes to realize targeted performance milestones.
An effective communicator with strong analytical, interpersonal, problem solving skills
A keen performer with capacity to achieve strong results through a combination of strategic capability, creativity, solid operational grounding, interpersonal skills and commitment levels
My some of key strengths includes - Cost effective work execution, Training and mentoring, Quality control system, flaw less reporting system, budgeting, Man power management, wide range of programs exposure, handy to guide academic and administrative team on operational aspects , Vendor management, Data analysis, Format developments as per need and lastly a proactive team leader, who believe in team work & lead from front.

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Srinivas Kadiyala

Category: Sales & Marketing
Rate: $25/hour