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Researchers Top Expert

Has extensive international experience .Provided strategic consulting, project management and business development services for different institutions and companies. Highlighted the importance of private sector development and private public collaboration. Ability to work both collaboratively and independently with a successful record of mentoring others and in delivering training. Passionate to ensure messages are heard by the right influencers to achieve results.
Experienced Strategic Planning Analyst , has a unique ability to draw real-life conclusions from data analysis. Adept in database management collection and manipulation of data and generating custom reports. Specializes in developing growth projects for companies and backing up business planning theories with facts. Regional project management, M&E ,impact assessment and fundraiser specialist with over than 5 organizations one of them Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya , it is a non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism and grassroots organizing. Ruwwad approach encompasses an array of programs and projects that, together, strengthen initiative and facilitate redress to problems prioritized by members of the community.Three main programs anchor Ruwwad: Child Development, Youth Organizing and Community Support. Ruwwad, which spans today Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine, and operates through a strong network of partnerships with civil society and governmental agencies, is the articulation of this ambition.. and am working as project management and fundraiser specialist for sisterhood is global institute -Jordan (SIGI-JO) ,it is a women empowerment organization ,I have been constantly working as an independent consultant (project management, researcher, strategic planning, M&E specialist and professional trainer) with international foundations, which are Care, ILO, IYF, UNDP, USAID, UN women, NEF, GIZ, FES, and OXFAM. Furthermore with regional foundations such as king Abdullah II foundation for development KAFD, Isnaad consulting , JNFW, NIMD etc. Over pass years, I prepared many Economic and Social researches, beside, I am a specialist in Education and labor-intensive sectors to publish researches and policy papers covering the education, labor and employability issues in MENA region. Being willing to work as a consultant and a full-time employee opens many more career opportunities for me.
Was responsible to prepare the 5 years strategies 2020-2024 for Jordanian television and radio institute JRTV, Haya cultural center, SIGI and for the private sector am responsible to prepare the strategy of the fish sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and increase the rate of aquaculture, which does not exceed 2% of the fish currently imported.

Core Qualifications
 Extremely strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills
 Very proficient with a large range of computer productivity suites
 Database management certified
 Strong networking support background
 Strong background in analytical principles and theories
 Good team worker
 Able to work independently on complex projects
 highlighted the importance of private sector development and private public collaboration.
 Excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, strong leadership skills, and excellent organizational skills.
 Professional fundraiser specialize in raising funds through donor typically work for non-profit organizations, private sector .can work directly for an organization or for a fundraising consulting firm.
As being a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist, I provided institution-wide guidance to project planning, designed and implemented evaluations of projects, promoted synthesis and dissemination of findings to ensure quality of outcomes through the following:
 Contribute to development and testing of new impact evaluation approaches appropriate for policy-oriented projects;
 Assist with development, design and planning of projects so as to achieve outcomes and impacts;
 Monitor progress of projects in order to achieving outcomes and impacts;
 Develop training materials and facilitate workshops to promote more direct uptake of project findings into policy reforms;
 Preparing and published several guides such as dialogue and volunteering clubs guide, career counselling guide, mentors’ guide for KAFD, MOE, MOL etc.;
 Prepare full action plan to implement these guides at schools, universities and as professional trainer I trained more than 800 teachers and supervisors from MOE to be facilitators for the dialogue and volunteering guide at governmental schools;
 Support GIZ to prepare a career counselling guide for students and in the process of conducting training for teachers in Irbid and Amman Governorates for piloting in the first phase for the project and designing the impact assessment methodology that will be conducted for the project;
 Expert with Switzerland academy for development SAD located in Geneva, preparing Jordan report regarding youth employment interventions that has done since 2010, still on going through conducting assessment through desk research and structured interviews;
 Prepare market assessment for Jordan, Lebanon and Near East foundations thorough home and micro-business ideas for Syrian refugees and Jordanians in the host communities;
 Work as national consultant for “enhancing civil society participation with local government “program;
 Work as an expert for doing assessment of the project “Support to Civil Society, Policy Dialogue and Participation in Jordan” which aims to support Non State Actors (NSAs) as an effective drive for good governance and accountability;
 Act as a professional trainer with intensive experience in the research, study of training needs, designing manuals, designing training programs and training delivery;
 Conduct a number of strategic assessments to identify the gaps in skills and job qualification required by identified markets;
 Develop recommendations for training programs to upgrade skills that match market needs;
 Working with the technical team for National Employment Strategy, playing a coordination role and providing technical supports;
 Act as an economic and social women empowerment specialist through preparing policy papers and researches for many international and national organizations with regard to women economic participation and prepare training materials for women entrepreneurship;
 Working as strategy planning and M&E unit manager ,Acting as human resources and employability upgrading program manager at king Abdullah the second fund KAFD;
 Being labor and education policies analyst and Act as the internal audit (finance, administration and human resources) manager at the Economic and Social Council in Jordan;
 Being as an Enterprise Advisor at the International Labor Organization (ILO) to provide professional level enterprise advisory services based on national and international labor standards;
 Working with CARE International as a project manager for women empowerment projects;
 Working as National consultant for Empowering female youth through upgrading and enhancing their skills in income generating activities;
 Working as National consultant for supporting Syrian refugees with ILO;
 Working as program manager for Iraqi refugee’s social involvement with CARE international;
 Working with Qoudorat program - a strengthened Jordanian civil societies program- implemented by Nour al Hussein foundation (NHF) and cooperative housing foundation (CHF), as a program manager.
 working as women Enterprise center and business incubator manager at business and professional women forum .
 Working with Industrial Development Bank, provide me an experience in providing technical support in deferent business issues;
 Member at following National committees:
 National Committee For Human Resources Development.
 National Employment Strategy.
 National Steering Committee For Pay Equity.
 Economic and social women empowerment committee at ESC.
Over pass years’ experiences, I was passion in developing youth and women’s economic empowerment, youth and women's human rights, advocacy, youth and women's political participation. It is worthy to mention my experiences with BPWA and WAEDAT UNIFEM which provided me great knowledge in gender analysis of job opportunities, challenges in the market and policy environment.