Relationship Management Top Expert

Anas B. AlKassasbeh

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Relationship Management Top Expert

About the service:

developing the business side of a company, improving its market position and maximizing profits.
Also, finding and developing business opportunities, building business relationships, negotiating, making deals, building and implementing plans and strategies. So that The final goal would be to increase the company’s profits and achieving financial growth.

The skills:
• High Level of Communication Skills.
• Data and Analytical Skills.
• Decision-Making Skills.
• Negotiation and Diplomatic Skills.
• Relationship Management Skills.
• Creative Thinking Skills.

The services includes :
• Analysis of possible business models and ideas.
• Analysis of the potential of business ideas.
• Monitoring of the market situation.
• Competition monitoring.
• Identifying, qualifying and seeking out new opportunities on the market.
• Identification of strategic targets and market niches.
• Market research and identifying potential clients.
• Development of new business fields.
• Creating and developing  sales and marketing strategies.
• Building relationships with new clients and maintain relationships with current clients.
• Building and maintaining relationships with new and current business partners.
• Contract negotiations and concluding contracts.
• Strategic advice and support of partners, in particular, proactive development of appropriate solutions.
• Strategic and operational development of existing activities.

About me :
With a BA degree and more than seven years of experience in the market, I've participated in various projects. From mega projects with multinational corporations to consulting with start-up companies and through different markets sectors and consulting for websites and apps holders, we'll be offering a solid experience in Business Development (BD).

The believe that the excellent Business Development quality Services comes from the believe that the regulatory jobs and roles as a lifestyle can be very challenging and demanding for the establishment for a good lifestyle for the individuals, so hereby offering the services so that they can focus on their other matters and having free time while can earn more income than regular jobs.


• HS Diploma.
• BA Business Administration.
• Project Management Certified.
• HRM Certified.
• Accountancy Certified.
• TOEFL IBT Certified.
• Graphics designing Certified.