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Management Consulting Services

Project management, proposal writing, researcher, trainer, writing articles


Activist in human rights, NGOS consultant, Project Adviser, MENA region projects expert, policy papers and research expert, project management at many scales, working with many local and National NGOS and Local community, youth, women, health, Gender, political Issues, media, tourism, and educational activities,


2009 George Washington University- Master Politcal Leadership skills, online courses, 92%
1999 Master Degree: Arab Academy For Banking And Financial sciences 80%
Management Information Systems, Amman, Jordan
1994 Bachelor, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan
Business Admenistration / MIS 3.5
1988 Al hikma school - Kuwait - high school certificate - Sciences major 83.4%

Work Experience

Kings’ Road Association president, founder- Feb 2012 – present
Decision maker,Planning strategy, action plans
Proposal writer
Association's Managment
Implementation following projects:
- Partners in development: A detailed analytical mapping on the situation of tourism, cultural and social, economic, political and legal in Umm Qais, Himma sites in Jordan to support development. With partnership with youth and women and local community: funded by USAID
- (I made my Decision): Promote awareness of young women leaders' roles in political and civic life:The project aims to empower and enhance women's knowledge in dialogue and negotiation and management skills to find alternatives and options to reach decision-making positions. the development of legal knowledge with international conventions and charters and intellectual infrastructure for women in gender roles and concepts, strategic planning and project management.Funded by EU
- Al Yarmouk trail: Practical steps to integrate local communities in Tourism sector: Al-Yarmouk Trail Project team carried out a quick participatory rural survey to delineate a diverse and integrated sustainable tourism trail along the Yarmouk River border between northern Jordan, southern Syria and East Palestine, with the aim of finding a roadmap for merging communities in the tourism sector, where the proposed projects are managed within the study from the youth, women, local community and promoting the ownership of the idea of the path from communities in villages along the trail. USAID
- Developing sustainable tourism in Ramtha district- Site rehabilitation @ramtha reconstruction Foundation in collaboration with the municipality to establish a traditional market in cooperation with local community to benefit Jordanian women and refugee women of their opportunities to present and sell through direct marketing and administration of cultural and social activities to attract The largest number of visitors to the market sustainability of the project in cooperation with the municipality of Ramtha, funded by UNDP
- Let us make a dialogue: A program to empower Jordanian women through creating a conducive environment for a productive dialogue between women-leaders and women-decision makers to achieve the goals of sustainable development, The project focus on local women-leaders & CBOs chairwomen, as well as leading women in local government (municipal and governorate councils) represents the decision makers category. Canadian embassy.

2007- present trainer
Elections observers 2007
activists plans 2009-2010
project planning 2010-2015
project proposal and budgetng skills 2015- 2016
leadership skils 2016
human rights based approch 2015
project managment and strategic planning 2015-2016
Change managment 2015
Community needs 2015-2016
Gender concepts
Dialouge managment
Life skills (communication, self-confidence)
Problem solving
Women empowerment
Youth engagment

2009- present Reseracher

- activists women in Arab world 2009-2010 (online master degree)
- transperancy in Bahrain 2011
- Um Al Rassas need assesment 2012
- human rights based in development programs analysis 2013
- Desertification effects in development programs, on based of gender- Jordan 2014
- Um Qais and Al Himma sites needs assesments 2015
- Gender in Environment in all MENA region and Asia 2015
- advanture trails in Jordan 2015
- Al Yarmouk trail 2017

2007- present :Proposal Writer, consultant for many NGOs:
- Kings' Road Association
Al Ramtha cultural and handicraft association
- Al Anwar women society – Maan
- Irbid Women network- Irbid
- Earth Neighbors- Zarqa
- Jordanian Journalists association
- many local associations in Tafileh, Irbid, Ajloun, Kora, etc..
- Soa'al Center
- Masaha for media training center
- Al Mawsoom training center for supporting Local communities
- Methaq center for Human rights
- Al Badeel for Human rights Studies and Research
- Jordan Environment Society
- Civil Society Development Center CSDC
- Marsad for Human and Environement
- Abu Mahjoub company
- Mamoura Foundation in Iraq
- Mosawat
- Others
November 2011- March 2013 : Projects consultant and Manager- Marsad for human and Environmet.
1/2009 – 10/2011 Interaction Forum(Jordan)–Activisim Institute(US), Center for Liberity in The Middle East (US) Amman, Jordan
Researcher, Program Manager
- Communicate with women activists form all MENA region
- Select activists whom are very active in important cases(political or civil) in their countries
- Highlight their work by making interviews and uploaded their videos in activism Institute website
- Invite activists women to apply for new training opportunity
- Communicate with participants to get feedback in the training activities
- Write and update the information and add useful links on the website
- Preparing and run interviews with participants and communicate with them to analyize their benefit from participating the program
- Mentoring and evaluation the project
- Writing researchs and reports
- Other related work
9/2006 –11/2008 Center for Defending freedom of Journalists & Free Voice Dutch Foundation Amman, Jordan
Investing In the Future regional program (capacity building for Arab journalists) Senior Coordinator : regional program ( Jordan- Egypt- Lebanon- Bahrain- Yemen and Morocco)
12/2005 – 11/2008 Center for Defending freedom of Journalists Amman, Jordan

Programs and training deputy manager
• Support all projects teams with all training matters and follow up with the work plan for all projects schedules.
• manage many projects (local and regional, small – medium and big grants)
• Organizing all event activities .. conferences, workshops, training, parties, show, seminars, meetings..etc. Follow up all call proposals, and preparing ideas and writing concept papers and small grants proposals, and preparing and answering all kind of steps of projects, with following construction of each Donner.
List of projects that I managed and coordinated and helping in writing proposals:
 Newspaper in Education with WAN supported 2007
 Covering Municipal and parliament elections with IREX Jordan 2007
 Capacity building of NGOs to how to deal with media with EU delegation 2006-2007
 Capacity building of Iraqi governance spokespersons with American embassy in Iraq 2007
 Using information resources to fight poverty with UNESCO 2006
 JO- NGOs supplement for covering NGOs news with Canada fund 2006-2007
 Youth supplement for freedom of expressions with NED 2005-2007
 Coordinator for parallel conference of forum of the Future – Amman Nov 2006
 Coordinator of convention of monitoring elections in Jordan 2007
 Trainer under umbrella of the convention how to monitoring elections in the elections days for youth volunteers funded and supported by NDI
 Covering Parliament news supplement with Dutch embassy 2007 and LSP on 2006
Investing In the Future regional program (capacity building for Arab journalists) Senior Coordinator : regional program ( Jordan- Egypt- Lebanon- Bahrain- Yemen and Morocco)