I will develope wordpress website for you

Sumit Vekariya

Vasco, Goa, India


Sumit Vekariya

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I am Enthusiastic Freelancer from many years, I have a Bachelor of Engineer in Computer and 3 years of experience as Programmer and Designer as well as in the company, including Angular 4 Web App, Web Development, UI-UX Design, Web Design, I have helped a great number of businesses improve their market share by Web Development, Graphic , SEO and many IT Services.

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I will develope wordpress website for you

If you’re looking for a fully functional wordpress website that meets the needs of the ever changing world wide web, then look no further! 

Here’s a breakdown of the creation process:

1-   Build your wordpress website using your given theme or recommended theme

2-   Install any plugin required

3-   Add in original content (must be provided)

4-   Customize website to your needs

*the creation process may differ depending on the gig category purchased.

✎ About Me:

It pays to know who you’re working with and with that, I offer you full transparency.  With that said, I’m Sumit, a Canadian, creator and tech enthusiast. With over 3 years of experience in a Web Development, I will be able to assist you in developing a unique website based on your needs.

Category: Web, Software & IT
Rate: $30/hour

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