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Mind Training Development

SHOMENTAL a 21st century training company has been established to enhance the ability for individuals to achieve the maximum limit of success by using the maximum ability of their BRAIN

SHOMENTAL assist organizations to implement mind development training programs for its employees which increases the employee productivity

SHOMENTAL will continue to deliver mind development training which reflects positively on the performance of individuals and institutions in order reach 10 million people's MIND

To help people, develop minds and make an impact.


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Human resource consulting

well to introduce myself i have a 10 years experience in human resources especially in : recruitment , training , performance management and organizational development

My personal and professional education, work experiences, interests, and strengths have all contributed to outstanding business achievements. I am accountable for diverse responsibilities in Recruitment, Training , OD and performance management as you can see from my attached Resume. My acquired knowledge and experience as a contributing individual in the business world will prove to be a quality that will enhance the goals and standards of any Human Resources department.

Please take the time to review my linked in profile. I firmly believe you will find them there to meet the needs of your company, and I am confident my contributions to your organization will prove to be lasting, if given the opportunity.



Corporate staff training serve organizations and their employees in multiple ways, organization with these programs are able to step forward by implementing a very intensive mind development training to their employees to enhance the employee productivity on the personal level and the professional one

.​​​INDIVIDUAL TRAINING​Individual training offers a wide range of professional training topics to enhance your knowledge and expertise. We focus on professional development , as well as personal and mental development. Offering customized formats and varying course lengths, from single sessions to comprehensive seminars. ​​​


A lot of people lives their life without achieving all what they want; somebody says its all because of luck, skills, money, location etc…. that’s what should be called by excuses; because you have what you need to succeed in this life; it’s all here in your brain ; your mind is the perfect tool to succeed in your life .​Here you have the opportunity to be part of a very huge mind development training process that SHOMENTAL will promise you at the end you will have a massive benefit from it Our mind development trainings enables you to have a better life ; you will be introduced to main 4 mental concepts (Awareness, Vision, Focus, Happiness) and into more than 20 sub concepts for more than 100 exercises 


Bachelor degree in business admin

9 years experience in training

Work Experience

9 years expeience in training

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Amir Shoumali

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