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Excel VBA Developer Services

Everithing I do, I do with maximum quality and in deadline. Revisions, cooperation, suggestions are not limited. I am giving full, all time support for my tasks. Communication 24 hours, if needed, available 24 hr/d.


Freelancer for full time last 3 years. Experienced in State Ministry of Defense BiH like gr. Telecomm. engineer, 23 y. Team leader for telecomm. on Tuzla county (more than 400.000 cit.) and chief for HR. In this Ministry Iv done new kind of war- civil telecomm. with 35 people in stuff. I am on internet since it was called Bulleting Board System, since WIN 3.22, DOS 6.22 . For my great results during war and later, several time awarded and on my demand retired under favourable conditions 2015. Than, cofound my comp LostDataRecovery and 2017 decided to start like freelancer cos here in Bosnia is very bad situation for business. Always hard worker, cooperation man and respected always job deadline. Family man (53). Exept Excel jobs, doing some translations from English to my native lanuages (3).Like freelancer I am fully satisfied with way I work an cooperate with employeers. I v done several business analytics in Excel with vlookup, pivot tables and dashboards, even with scenarioso and business predictions (small and middle comp.) various Excel tasks, all with full satisfaction of my employers and on time.
Data entry are my joobs too. I am hard worker but its more easy then run the HR department in any Government. I like to cooperate and meet people all around the world , with same interests. I have two children, living in Bosnia (its tragic), but cant change anything. All my relaties, even my two bros, live in UK, USA, Germany, Stockholm, Munchen, New England, Sain Louis... like refugees (last 25 years). I decided to stay in Bosnia to take care of my 4 old people and wife with one child and that is my story. Have doggy, for hobby I am guitar playing. I am 53, live in my apartment in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


1981-1984 Tuzla Grammar school, first mathematic generation
1972-1976 Middle music school in Tuzla
1985-1990 Graduated Telecom Technique on Sarajevo Uni and got diploma-Telecomm. engineer
1989-1990 (6 month) 1. class Criptography methodes (enc.and decryp.) Army
1989-1990 (three month) 1. typing class - Army
1989-1990 (8 month) 1. class for Crypto devices using
1984 - 1. radio-ameteur class in Tuzla
During my schooling I have learned En language fluently an Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian langages as native.
During and after the war, I translated over 3000 pages of professional literature from which I could organize many different courses for my colleagues. Themes were various, from signal conversion (analog\/digital), security methods ( using PGP with 2 security levels with 2 PUB- today they cal it like cryptocurrency)!! Leading courses for basicaly PC users, OS, Win OS, OCR, Basic programming, manipulation with data, aims and construction of digital repeaters an antennas for all freq. bands...
2015 retired on my demand under the favourable conditions (awarded in Government service few times). I was cofounder of my own comp. LostDataRescue, about two years but unsuccessfully cos knowledge is not appreciated here. I decided to freelance full time an basically doing some business analytics for small an mid comp. (all spreedsheets, vlookup, pivot tables, nice dashboards an even business scenarios with, possible predictions). I have a few translations jobs, data entry and I like it too cos I am own master and I decide how and when to work, mostly.

Work Experience

1. Excel tasks, analysis, making spreadsheets, cleaning data, data consolidation, pivot tables, dashboards, slicers of all kind, constantly support, without limits, all needed revisions and new demands. Job on time with full employer satisfaction.
2. All kinds of data conversion, manually or with software
3. All kinds of data entry
4. Translations from English to Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. my native languages (cyrilic too)
5. I can accept many other jobs having in mind my huge experience.
My main jobs i have done in past, are in my portfolio.

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Goran Kovacevic

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