Drupal Developer Expert

Vindesh Mohariya

Indore, Madhya-pradesh, India


Vindesh Mohariya

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Drupal Developer Expert

Hi, I'm Vindesh, I build fantastic websites and I'm very experienced in all aspects of html5, php, css3, responsive design, content management systems, jQuery, SEO and eCommerce. Creating CMS/Framework themes from scratch or fully customising existing themes are my speciality!

I have over 12 years experience in the Design and Development industry, whilst also spending extensive amounts of time strategising and implementing successful search engine campaigns for my clients.

Professional experience with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS , Drupal, Wordpress.
So if you're looking to have a website that can truly help your business grow please get in touch.

Thank you,
Vindesh M

Category: Web, Software & IT
Rate: $15/hour

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