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Rowaa Tabaza

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Drawing Professional

I'm Rowaa Taha, a junior Architect.

I am very keen on designing and working on projects. I am not considering architecture a study or an obligatory job, but rather a hobby and a thing that I enjoy spending my time on.

In my free time, I paint and photograph. I'm not considering myself a connoisseur. However, I appreciate the beauty in whatever I see, and both painting and photography allow me to capture what I feel and turn it into something that others can see and feel as well.

I am a social person and capable of being a good team worker.

I'm longing to develop my skills in both architecture and be a positive person wherever I am.


Bachelor degree in architectural engineering from Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan/ summer of 2017.

Work Experience

Architect at Icon engineers and consultants

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Rowaa Tabaza

Category: Design, Art & Multimedia
Rate: $15/ Hour / Monthly