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Data Center Operations Services

IT technical manager, networking manager, data center manager, problem solving,


B.Sc in Computer Science, June 1991.
GPA 3.15/4.0
Mu’tah University

Work Experience

Jan, 2014 –August 2019 Working with Royal Hashemite Court (RHC):
RHC Data Center section head
I have been responsible for managing all data center team & components including server farms, air-conditioning, electricity UPS systems, etc…
Main achievements during this period are:
- Build the datacenter team with the needed qualifications and experiences, my team was a model for other teams with the team work and the excellent relations between all the team members.
- Restructuring the electricity for the datacenter and organize it to enhance the redundancy and business continuity.
- Virtualizing the servers environment of the datacenter, which provides the high availability and capacity and enhance the services availability big time. Also, reduced the footprint of the servers and the electricity consumption. The virtualization leads to fast provisioning (reduced from two months to half an hour), cost and time saving and reduce the RPO/RTO to the minimum.
- Produce a backup appliance to enhance the backup health and the time needed for backup and making sure that we have valuable and real backup when needed.
- Start the project of Disaster recovery data center and prepare all needed to go with this project.
Oct. 2005 – Jan, 2014 Working with Jordan Telecom Group (JTG):
Apr. 2012 -- Jan, 2014 Special projects Manager
Apr. 2012 -- Jun. 2013 Technical environment Department Manager
Jun. 2011 – Mar. 2012 Network Operations Special projects Manager
Jan. 2007 – Jun. 2011 Data Networks Operations Manager / Data, Fixed & Mobile Directorate
- After the restructuring of the technical Sector; I have been responsible for all Data Network operations at
JTG which includes ISPs international links and traffic collection. Also, I am responsible for all Orange
internet technical field, including the services provided by Orange.
- Such department with high sensitive operations and functions which providing the internet services for all of the country; needs a highly qualified staff and cooperative working as a team to have success story.
- I believe one of my great achievements during this period is changing the culture in the department to be open to other departments and to accept the truth of that problems should happen and that does not mean that is an employee fault, and the employee existence in such department is to solve the problems.
- The last project was removing the single point of failures and network expansion by replacing most of connections to 10G connections.
Main responsibilities: Follow up the Data traffic forecast and to recommend for the top management the right time for equipment expansion vertical/ horizontal to meet the forecasted traffic and to maintain the quality of service.
 Managing JT data backbone network equipments to secure the permanent flow of the data traffic.
 Guarantee the contracted bandwidth for JT customers and to comply with the RIO.
 Hosting the ISP Servers and telecommunication equipment in JT data centre where site security and disaster recovery environment conditions are secured to guarantee service continuity
 Managing data network services (ATM, Frame relay, IPVPN, double play).
 Managing and support orange internet services (IP VPN and leased lines) to secure customer satisfaction and SLA compliance.
 Developing and providing the customers with JT new services to exceed customer satisfaction and increase JT market share
 Analyzing the faults incidents reports and recommend for the management the action plans needed to improve the data network performance
 Managing training and coach the department teams to improve and update their technical competencies and to achieve motivation, to insure loyalty and increase efficiency.
 Reviewing reports and highlight to the management about the network performance ( Backbone & International) to increase their awareness for the actions that must be taken to improve network quality of service, increasing system capacity to satisfy future customer demand
 Managing site studies ( survey, B.O.Q) to supervise the installation works and to carry out the commissioning for new equipment to maintain immediate service delivery and increase JT income
 Participating in the budget preparation and forecast related to the department activities to meet business needs.
 Managing projects related to the data core & access and orange internet networks following business needs and top management request to improve quality and efficiency of the department.
Jun. 2006 – Jan. 2007 IP Network Services Manager / Data Core Network directorate
- Responsible for all the Data Network services provided by JTG and Orange internet.
Oct. 2005 – Jun. 2006 IP Network Supervision & IP |VPN Section Chief / Data Core Network directorate / Jordan Telecom
- Maintain JT IP VPN network to secure the permanent flow of the IP VPN traffic to guarantee the contracted bandwidth for JT IP VPN customers and providing technical support and immediate intervention for Orange services (IP VPN and leased lines) to secure customer satisfaction and SLA compliance.
- preparing site studies to supervise the installation works and to carry out the commissioning
for new equipment to maintain immediate service delivery.
- Developing and providing the customers with JT new services analyzing and preparing the faults incidents reports and recommending for the management the action plans needed to improve the IP VPN network performance.
- Train and coach the IP VPN team to improve and update their technical competencies and to achieve motivation.
- Prepare and issue reports for the management to increase awareness on the network status with technical recommendation for quality of service improvements.

Feb. 2003 – Apr 2004 Systems Analyst and Network Engineer at the Hashemite Royal Court,
Management Information System Department.
Dec 1999 – Feb 2003 Jordan Telecom working at the core data network (Hashim Internet Hub)
which was as follows:
Apr 2002 – Feb 2003 IP & ATM Quality Analysis Section Chief with the following Responsibilities:
- Configuration and tuning of : Routers and routing protocols, Network Access
Servers, DNS, Mail, and SMC ( Alcatel Service Management Center) servers, ISP(s) links, ADSL links, Cisco Firewalls.
- Monitoring and providing traffic analysis for: International Links, ISPs links, NASes (Cisco Network Access Servers) ports, Prepare all required reports, Perform necessary corrective and preventive maintenance, Running & operating Data Center, Configuration and Management of Redback Broadband Access Server, Interface with ISPs, Interface with Marketing, Keeping accurate records for all activities, Preparing Department reports including analysis of results and providing recommendations.
Dec. 99 – Apr 2002 IP Services Section chief.
- Participated effectively in Building Jordan Data Network, Jordan Backbone and Jordan Exchange at Hashim hub Earth Station (which has been moved to JTC) as network Engineer & First Line Support & System Administrator
- Establish and maintain the International and National Internet connections for the the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) .
- Managing the ISPs required bandwidth.
- Managing the configuration of the routers and the routes of the packets through advertising the ISP IP addresses and there AS numbers.
- Managing the Routing Policy (BGP).
- Managing and configuring PIX Fire Walls, the Mail and DNS servers.
- Preparing and Implementing MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) in Jordan Telecom Backbone.
Feb. 97 – Dec. 99 Network Engineer & First Line Support & System Administrator at
Hashim Internet hub & His Majesty Royal Communications Network.
Mar 92 - Feb. 97 System Analyst / Programmer
Computer Section / The Hashemite Royal Court, Jordan
- Participated effectively in building this section since I was one of the initiators of this section.
- Participated effectively in preparing the raw data, programming, and producing the “Welcome to Jordan” multimedia CD that promotes the country.
- Established and managed an archiving system for the Royal Court using OS2 and DB2.
- Managed upgrading the previous system to Lotus Notes under NT.