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Arabic English Translator

I know times are tough for all right now, so I'd like to offer my services at a reduced rate to anyone who would like to keep their business running, or further their self-growth by building something new during this difficult time*

I am an Egyptian engineer, my mother tongue is Arabic,and i am Fluent in English, I got a scholarship for America before.
I will professionally translate your text from English to Arabic or vise verse, You will receive your work in the best quality for the best delivery time, Just before 24 hours.
I will deliver creative English-Arabic translation that attracts reader attention, where I keep the meaning of original topic and not only word to word translation with fast turnaround and affordable prices.
I perform human translations with excellent grammar and spelling, with consistency and easy to read and understand.

Excellent communication and quick responses as I am active almost all day.
1000 words per service
NEVER miss a deadline

Please consider messaging me first for availability and checking the documents. (I reply within in minutes )
Its my pleasure to serve you***


I am Muhammad Eid (Engineer,translator), Graduated from the faculty of Engineering recently.
I got a scholarship in America, and I did my own student activity in my university in my country"Egypt" specializing in the English language.
I can also write content, Writing articles, making summaries, and entering data
All this in Arabic or English.

I am one of those people who do not enter fights without imagining the results before. if imagination was a victory, I am fighting and if not, I train vigorously

Do not hesitate and contact me


Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University
Industrial Engineering Department

1-lean 2-marketing 3-scm 4-logistics 5_Mastering Data Analysis in Excel 6-Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making 7-Excel Skills for Business Essentials

Work Experience

Recently graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University
"Industrial Engineering Department"