Apache Developer Professional

Gabriel Ifoga

Ibadan, Lagos, Nigeria


Gabriel Ifoga

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I spent 4 years in the institution to earn BSC in computer science and one of the greatest skills that I gained from this experience was a desire to learn more and continue to push myself. I have learned how to quickly teach myself new skills when demanded by the job and can easily adapt to challenging situations.

After University, i went on to acquire professional knowledge in my desired programming, php and java, I also taught myself the skills required for web development in my leisure time using online courses from highly qualified individuals and organizations (GIIT and New Horizon).

I consider myself to be a life-long student because I am always trying to learn new skills and technologies in the web development industry and I enjoy the opportunity to practice and fine tune those skills every day as a part of my work.


Apache Developer Professional

My name is Gabriel and I am a web developer, specializing in building web-based applications. Being a very quick learner, I can easily adapt to your specific needs and become a valuable member of your team. I enjoy working on projects where I can use my unique experiences and background to bring value to my team and project.

I have helped several of my clients promote and grow their business by developing web applications that allow them to better advertise their services, operate more efficiently, and provide new products and services to their own clients.

Based on client feedback, my best non-technical qualities are solving complex problems in clever ways, fast and consistent communication, and friendliness. I have completed several projects for my clients, all of which have been impressed with my work and wanting me to come back for more.

I am a human who likes to spend leisure time playing field hockey including tennis and volley ball, but mostly studying and teaching myself new web development technologies and working on my robotics projects.
Category: Web, Software & IT
Rate: $10/hour

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