Admin Support Bash Shell Scripting Services

Денис Пантилеенко

Kurgan, Kurganskaya Oblast', Russia


Денис Пантилеенко

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Admin Support Bash Shell Scripting Services

Experience of maintenance of PostgreSQL servers of high availability and loading, 24x7,
backuping and restoring data.
Deploying and configuring CentOS 7, Postgresql( with backup,failover -
hot standby), monitoring(zabbix). Setting up scheduller pgagent, connection
pool pgbouncer for Postgresql.
Migration PostgreSQL DB from RDS.
Participation in development of database structure, setting up partition
mechanism for tables, searching "bottle necks" on queries layer, postgresql configuration settings level, hardware level. pl/pgsql skills.
Selection of a complete set harware(supermicro, Disk Array Enclosure
(DAE), raid storage controllers, assembling and configuring hardware.
Supporting development stand(jenkins).
Using bash-scripts for single tasks and routines.
Deploying, administration XenServer with backuping, migration virtual
Category: Admin Support
Rate: $20/hour

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