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Roger Sexton

Phoenix, Arizona, United States


Roger Sexton

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We create Virtual 3D Models for all uses, including, but not limited to creating virtual 3D models for 3D Rendering, 3D Animation, and 3D Printing, for company logos, character animation, machining, and more. Please contact us for estimates. We are not limited to 3D, but can also create 2D renderings of models from the same models. Please view our projects. Please contact us for an estimate.



Earned a AutoCAD drafting certification in the late 90. And went on to earn a certification as an Electrician Technician I & II in 2004. Earned my Associates of Arts and Sciences in Architectural CAD Technology in 2015. Now planning to go back to college to earn another Associates in Interior Design. I have been involved in the field of 3D modeling and prototyping for over twenty years; using Autodesk products starting with 3D Studio from release 2 to 3Ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD, Revit, and also using Sculptris, but primarily using Blender, and supplementing with Make Human, Gimp and more for our projects and creation of our models library. Let's discuss your virtual and real needs today. Email us at Info@ViszeoShape.Com

Purchased a few 3D printers in 2015 and beyond.

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Work Experience

Have completed architectural projects, logo projects, and other prototype projects; all under contract as a freelancer, over the years. But also have worked for an electrical design company, creating virtual 3D BIM models of conduits and wire-trays or wire-ways, for a large electrical chip development company. It was learning experience. But then every job is a learning experience. Amen.
Purchased a 3D printer after my brother and I decided that we would like to start a 3D printing company utilizing our experience working with 3D in the past.

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From ViszeoShape


3D Virtual modeler and animator

$70 per hour for 3D model creation, depending on objects complexity.
Sculpting bio figures are based on complexity.
Clothing on humanoid figures determined on material and texture design complexity.
Fur on animals also based on color and design complexity.

$300 per second of rendered animation.
Category: Design, Art & Multimedia
Rate: $70/hour

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